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Mike Tyson, 53 Reveals His Plans For a Cannabis Themed Resort in his California Ranch

Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson, the boxing legend recently revealed his plans to build a massive cannabis-themed resort on his sprawling ranch in California.  


Tyson, a former undisputed heavyweight world champion has garnered tons of success with his cannabis based company known as Tyson Holistic Holdings which was launched in 2016. His farm cultivates several strains of high-grade cannabis which is used in dozens of cannabis based products. 


But now the 53-year-old legend has laid plans to build his 407-acre resort which will accommodate hotel, lodges, spas, a glamping gpark, and the world’s longest slow river snaking its way through the entire park used as a means of getting around. 


Tyson also revealed about his extended plans with the cannabis themed resort, saying he wants to create a specific events area where occasions like music festivals and annual marijuana parties would take place. A “Tyson University” will also be created to educate cannabis farmers about the formal and high-grade cannabis agriculture techniques.  


Tyson currently uses his ranch for research into growing and improving cannabis quality, a compound he has been using regularly since last 2 decades. Tyson says his body has undergone major wear and tear as he has been extensively using his body for fighting for the last 20 years in the boxing ring. 


Tysor admits using cannabis for pain relief and calming his nerves, he said the doctors prescribed him some opiates but that didn’t quite suit him well. So he chose to use marijuana instead and it has been helping him heal since then. 

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Cannabinoid or CBD is one of the major compounds found in hemp plants, a cannabis genus plant. The compound is non-psychoactive and thus, does not produce any mind altering chemicals that could produce hallucinations or cause any ‘high’ to the user of any form. CBD is widely popular amongst people who suffer from mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. Though CBD has not been found to be a sure shot treatment for severe diseases like Alzheimer’s, people still rely on it given it does not have many side effects and gives a slight relaxation while calming the nerves.


Cannabinoid has healing properties that can improve the overall health of users and is anti-inflammatory in nature. It is used to treat swelling, pain, inflammation, redness, irritation, etc. Some people also use CBD as an alternative to prescription based medicines since CBD has been found to be highly effective as compared to regular drugs. 


CBD has gained massive popularity over the past few years, but it rose tremendously in the consumer market after it was legalized. The U.S. federal government removed hemp derived Cannabidiol from its list of controlled substances in December 2018 under the Farm Bill Act. 


Since then, many companies have been creating CBD infused products and selling them as over-the-counter products. Though the FDA doesn’t approve of CBD infused food items, restaurants and companies continue to argue that their products are in compliance with the federal regulations, consisting of a maximum of 0.3% THC per unit. 


THC or tetrahydro cannabidiol is another compound found in hemp plants that is responsible for causing the ‘high’ that users feel while smoking weed or pot. The government has restricted its use to a maximum concentration of 0.3% per unit. However, many states continue to ban THC completely labelling any product with even the slightest trace of THC as illegal. 


This clash of regulations surrounding CBD has led to major confusion amongst retailers as well as consumers. The FDA is yet to declare its regulatory framework for CBD, in the meantime it has invited public comments on an online docket where people can express their views about CBD and its safety. 


The agency strives for public health and has stated that it will never compromise with it, irrespective of how much buzz an ingredient creates in the market. It is their duty to ensure a proper system to safeguard public health from any possible threat in the food industry. 


One of Tyson’s goals is to help people break their addiction of opioids, but he realizes that there is a stigma attached with cannabis and its derived products. 


“Cannabis is the future and eventually everyone is going to have to give in,” he added.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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