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7 Proposed Locations Of Cannabis Store In Vernon Receive Mixed Public Reactions

Cannabis Retail Stores

Rapid speculation in Vernon regarding the next Cannabis store address

Vernon is all set to have provincially licensed marijuana shops sprawling across its streets once its applications receive the green signal of the Vernon city council. According to the City staff, the council is about to shower its blessings on all seven propositions although various proposed locations have been on the receiving end of mixed reviews from stakeholders and neighbours.


114-5601 Anderson Way

This particular application is advocating the opening of a licensed cannabis shop at the exact same site where the Hemp and Wellness marijuana dispensary used to operate between March 2016 and October 2018. According to a city staff report, the business has not sold cannabis since its date of legalization. The application has also received the support of the property manager of the complex where the area for the proposed store is expected to be rented.

An email sent by the H&R Building Management to the city revealed that the business owner “went above and beyond to ensure the premises was updated to include the latest cannabis retail requirements, including advanced HVAC systems, window frosts, (a) high-level security system and would operate in the safest and cleanest way for his customers, clients and the surrounding tenants.”


106-4412 27 St.

Recommendations have also been made by the city staff in support of an application for starting a cannabis store in a commercial building situated at 27 Street. This will be at a distance of 300 metres from Harwood Elementary School and 400 metres from W.L. Seaton Secondary School.

However, a physiotherapy business owner operating in the same premises has shared his anxiety about young people being exposed to a “noxious odour” whenever they visit his clinic by passing the cannabis store. However, police have announced that their “interests are unaffected” by the application.


3004 31 St.

City staff has also recommended the opening of a cannabis store at the same place where a downtown dispensary used to formerly operate. However, the store will start operating under a new management if this proposal passes through. Several letters have been received by the city in stark opposition to this idea. Various people revealed their concerns about opening a pot shop in this locality as that can hurt nearby professional businesses.

Alex Wambold addressed an email to the City council by writing that, “We are striving for a better, cleaner downtown core by promoting good, reputable (businesses) that serve and bring a positive impact into our community. Having a cannabis shop will create the exact opposite.”


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3301 30 Ave.

The City staff has also voted in favour of another downtown cannabis store located in the site of the old Liquidation World building. The site of the former big-box store is going to be subdivided into six brand new spaces one of which shall be earmarked against the cannabis store. This proposal has also received mixed review from the public.

Tania Bateman, the credit bureau’s manager penned down a letter to the city suggesting that, “We have a growing issue with recreational drug use in the downtown core and we do not feel this would aid in the correction of this matter.” Others suggested further spreading of the downtown cannabis shops. Three business houses signed form letters revealing that they are completely okay with the setup of the Hive Cannabis Company location at this address.


102-2500 53 Ave.

A cannabis store has been proposed to be set up in a commercial building at the city’s extreme north end. This store shall be located at a distance of around 85 metres from the House of Dwarfs day-care. While some critics felt that the marijuana shop wasn’t the ideal choice for being set up in a building comprising of a fitness studio, store and dentist’s office, others raised questions about the building’s parking capacity.

B. Bond from Vasilkos Holdings wrote in a letter addressed to the city that, “This is a professional building, and this business will, unfortunately, attract a less-than-desirable clientele.” A 68-signature petition was also received by the city council in opposition to this proposed location.


4513 25 Ave.

The proposed location of this shop is the 25 Avenue at the Okanagan Landing area in close vicinity to Papa John’s Pizza and Longhorn Pub. As per the estimates of the city staff, this site is situated at a distance of 720 metres from Ellison Elementary School and over a kilometre from Clarence Fulton Secondary School.

One critic has expressed concerns over the pot store drawing “unwanted clientele to the neighbourhood.” Some opponents have also revealed that the site would accentuate its traffic problems and decrease property values in the long term.


2913 30 Ave.

This is the third proposed pot shop in downtown which might spring up at the location of Cracked Pot Coffee. As per city estimates, this site is at a distance of 320 metres from St. James School and 100 metres from the library. Various property and business owners have opposed the idea by stating that the smell can create problems for their regular customers.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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