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Ontario Plans Its First Tryst With Cannabis At The POTio Beer Festival

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The people of Ontario are bound to feel delighted with the inauguration of the very first outdoor pot smoking area at the “POTio” festival. People can readily broaden their knowledge about the world of cannabis by paying a visit and learning about its means of safe consumption. POTio is the very first festival which is expected to be followed by an array of other organisers for coming up with events and festivals all across Ontario.

Bluesfest Festival

Bluesfest held at Ottawa will provide a separate place to smokers for indulging in their habit. Anyone above 19 can enter a fenced off area in close proximity to the central stage at LeBreton Flats for smoking cigarette as well as legal joints. Smoking was allowed for the very first time last year in the festival. It was also open to people who could provide proof of their medical marijuana usage. A strict no-smoking rule shall be enforced by the security staff on the remaining festival grounds.

Mariposa Folk Festival

Tobacco smoking has already received a green signal at the Mariposa Folk Festival in Orillia other than certain areas like near the playgrounds which fall under the purview of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. This is expected to change after the municipality vote of 1st April on banning vaping and tobacco smoking in city parks. Chris Hazel, the manager of Mariposa sounded pretty confident while talking about this issue as he revealed that “We’ll roll with whatever punches they throw.”

Toronto Craft Beer Festival

This changing landscape is also being adapted by the Toronto Craft Beer Festival which is planning to celebrate the legalization of marijuana with a cannabis-only vaping and smoking space. Spokesman Tony Millar announced in a press release, “What better way to optimize on a sensory experience than by adding some cannabis to the mix.” He also added that, “With cannabis being legal, it is legal to consume in designated (smoking) areas. We just wanted to make sure our guests were having a good experience, and a safe experience.”

About POTio

This festival will span over three days and shall be held at the leased land on Ontario Place’s west island wherein people will get to taste various types of beer, food and eccentric music. However, Health Canada has advised not to smoke pot and drink alcohol simultaneously as mixing the both “increases impairment.”

Cannabis activist and entrepreneur Abi Roach feels that some people while come to this beer festival with adequate stock of weed. She announced that,“We aren’t selling cannabis, so the people that are bringing cannabis into (the POTio) already have the cannabis on them and they were going to consume it anyway. We are not pushing anybody to do so.”

She further added that, “It’s important that we don’t just give people a space to smoke weed. I want to give them education about what they are doing and for those who are just curious, and maybe won’t be consuming, I want them to walk in, explore a strain, and understand, and open their minds.”

“I always say to folks that moderation is key. You have to let your body get to understand what is right and what is wrong for it. Some people I know consume cannabis and alcohol and it’s fine, nothing happens. But the two substances do not necessarily mix well for everybody, especially if you are a novice user for either. So, take it easy.”

“You don’t need to smoke a whole joint or consume an entire vaporizer or consume an entire edible. You can micro dose, and build up so you don’t get to a point where you over-consume.I wouldn’t tell you to drink a whole bottle of gin. You slow down, have one shot and see what happens, and have another one. Cannabis is the same.”

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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