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Cannabis Sublingual Gain traction, “passing the joint” might become “passing the eye-dropper”

CBD medical Products

A rolled joint of marijuana flower is soon to be replaced with marijuana based medical products full of THC liquid. Cannabis infused sublingual and tincture products including drops, tablets, pills, strips are placed under the tongue to dissolve and render their effects.

According to cannabis wholesale ordering platform, LeafLink, these products were the fastest growing cannabis-based products last year.

Headset, a cannabis research analytics company reported that Colorado and Washington are the two most mature markets in cannabis. It experienced a substantial increase of 69% in tincture and sublingual sales from $21.7 million to $36.7 million in 2018.

As stated by Headset, the total combined sales in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington for tincture and sublingual products was $89.5 million in 2018.

Michelle Magallon, Vice president of sales at Calyx Peak Companies (a multi-state cannabis grower and processor) says that sublinguals are becoming one of the most popular cannabis products since they offer precise dosing and a quick delivery time.

“Sublinguals deliver cannabis via the mucous membranes in the mouth, generally underneath the tongue or between the upper lip and gum,” said Magallon. “This delivery method bypasses the digestive system, delivering cannabis within 5-15 minutes.”

Contrarily, users who smoke cannabis can experience the effect early, but the THC dosage is hard to manage. Cannabis infused products including edibles now contain a precise dosage of THC which is easy to consume, though they do take a timeline of 30-90 minutes to show any effects as it works its way through the digestive system.

Steven Addis, a successful industry entrepreneur acknowledges the fact that there is a large, untapped audience who wants to use the sublingual cannabis based products for energy, calm, focus, pain relief or sleep, without intending to get high.

Addis as the co-founder of the Colorado based SUM Microdose, a maker of low-THC tablets wants to cater to this portion of the market. SUM aka Superior Uptake Microdose is a “functional cannabis” product, said Addis. The tablets are infused with small amount of THC and CBD which dissolves quickly under the tongue and renders its effects without disrupting the normal functionality of the body.

SUM is naming its products according to the purpose they serve; tablets meant for focus are named Focus, same goes for Calm, Relief and Energy that are backed by their purpose.

SUM sublingual tablets contain a maximum of 2.5mg THC which is 25% of the recommended amount of THC by the federal government since California and other state’s laws consider 10% mg of THC a single dose.

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SUM allows the consumers to live their life normally, without altering with their mental or physical strength without feeling high according to the company. It says that SUM tablets impact the consumers subtly, owing to the low potency, consumers are bound to use the product consistently for lasting effects.

Some makers eschew THC altogether like Curaleaf makes Relax and Revive, two CBD sublingual tinctures made from hemp.

Magallon said she expects this delivery system to continue to gain popularity. “We’re seeing a range of formats for sublinguals – from lozenges to sprays,” she said. She predicts innovation and creativity to grow as well, as more consumers gravitate towards these products.

With the legalization of marijuana, many consumers are now following the advice “start low and go slow” for maximum effectiveness without hindering their current lifestyle when it concerns edibles, sublinguals and other forms of cannabis.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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