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Cannabis Chefs Break the Brownie Mould; Says Cannabis Can Be Infused in Many Dishes

CBD Infused Brownie

Pot brownies have been a famous delish since years, even before cannabinoid was legalized. When people think about marijuana and food, the first dish that strikes the mind is an infused brownie. But many Massachusetts residents are looking for something a tad bit more savoury.

At an annual cannabis expo in Northampton called Extravaganja, many attendees imagined what foods they could infuse with cannabis if they could. While a woman eating chicken fingers said fried chicken would make her content, another wanted a steak.

By far the most popular choice was cannabis infused mac and cheese. Annie Wolf, the infusions manager at Sira Naturals in Milford said the combination would be just killer! While she is a chocolatier, she is also a chef whose training specialized in savoury cuisines. Wolf has been experimenting with marijuana infused foods while keeping in mind the state regulations about the drug.

She said that there is a good opportunity to pave the way and learn about the rules, stick to them and still master in the new industry that is evolving around cannabis. Massachusetts limits an individual serving size to 5 mg of THC or tetrahydro cannabinoid, a chemical found in cannabis plants which has psychoactive properties.

The threshold for THC ensures a safe and healthy usage of CBD infused products without any potential damage or harm. As compared to other dishes, deserts are the easiest to divide into servings that fit the regulation, so that’s what companies like Sira are mainly creating for consumers.

Not only are they able to play by the rules, but also serve customers the right kind of healthy and nutritious delish they are looking for. Wolf explained that her chocolate batches need to have the same dosing and potency throughout to ensure an enriching taste within the limits.

Currently she is working on a milk chocolate bar with marijuana in it, she also said that she really hopes to eventually make a filled truffle or bonbon that could be sold in a special curated gift box.

Wolf is quite aware about the regulations surrounding marijuana and what could possibly lead to altercations. A jar of tomato sauce could be challenged by regulators and there is a huge chance for misunderstandings. Despite the stringent rules around this subject, some private chefs have been going out of the way and experimenting beyond brownies and chocolates.

David Ferragamo, owner of Euphoric Food in Haverhill, puts on marijuana dinner parties mostly out of the comfort of people’s homes. Ferragamo said he follows a very intimate setting, where he gets to know all the diners. He explained that they use CBD oil as it is a non-intoxicating, anti-inflammatory compound found in marijuana and helps in reducing stress, anxiety and even pain. But they also add THC, the compound that causes the “high” in users when they smoke pot via a dropper.

Droppers ensure proper dosing without going overboard with any of the compound. Both the CBD and THC oils are quite light and do not produce a hard-bound taste to the meal. Ferragamo is not licensed by the state to sell CBD, so his business runs in kind of a grey area. Euphoric Food is one of a handful of companies that put private marijuana dinners in Massachusetts.

Pot eateries are popping up in California, one chef named Andrea Drummer is on the brink of opening her own shop in West Hollywood. Trained at the internationally renowned culinary school of Le Cordon Bleu, Drummer started cooking with marijuana back in 2012 as the exhausting hours in the kitchen were making her physically weak.

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She explained her condition and said she suffered from several diseases. Some issues were with her sciatic nerve and pain in her arms. She was prescribed different medications, opioids and the likes that she really wasn’t interested in taking.

Instead of taking opioids, Drummer turned to cannabis infused foods and found they were really helping her with the pains and acute aches. She later began experimenting with the dishes using her culinary skills to challenge what people though could be a cannabis edible. In her early days, the interest was limited from people’s sides. She even thought of quitting altogether as they were few and far between, but there were days it was a real challenge to make people understand the benefits of cannabis infused foods and drinks.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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