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Cannabis Drinks – The Beverage Industry’s Next Big Thing

Cannabis Beer

From hemp-derived cannabinoid infused sports drinks to cocktails that helps you relieve stress, science has discovered the ultimate code for making cannabis infused beverages taste good. 

Humans have consumed alcohol by drinking it, and cannabis by smoking it for thousands of years now. 

Breakthrough research in science shows that cannabis can be suspended in water, instead of sinking straight to the bottom which has opened up alleys for companies to create their CBD infused beverages. 

Though it is still illegal to sell beverages that contain both alcohol and cannabis, but only time will tell whether companies abide by the law or not. New-hemp based beverages can be sold anywhere, but those containing traces of THC will be sold only at dispensaries. 

More than 1,000 people gathered at a bustling conference center nestled in South San Francisco in an exhibit hall to witness the cannabis industry’s breakthrough – users can now drink cannabis. The results come as a hard-won victory for science which has poised to lay out new categories of products. 

President of Tinley Beverage Co.’s North American Business Rick Gillis said that THC drinks tasted awful and didn’t even smell good earlier. They were just like a little salad dressing on the side. However, science with the help of nano technology has discovered a way through the foul-smelling THC to a solublizied form of THC that can easily suspend in the liquid without making it smelly or awful in taste. 

Tinley Beverage has recently launched a new line of alcohol-free THC drinks which resembles spirits and cocktails. Gillis recalls the “dark” ages of marijuana drinks which were born out of a plain truth that oil and water do not mix. 

Cannabinoids like CBD and THC are lipids – fat molecules, similar to those found in chocolate and butter. This is why candy bars and brownies were among the first commercially successful cannabis infused products: cannabis mixed well with chocolated. However, it doesn’t mix well with water as it is not a natural fit. 

Marketing Manager of Keef Brands Kim Stolz, says that you could literally turn the beverage upside down and you’d notice the cannabis go up and down, which makes cannabis-infused cola and root beer.  

But with the advancement in sciences, Stolz say that Keef’s soda now tastes better with a uniform taste that contains the same amount of THC throughout.

Taieesa Peshkovsky, a food science intern said while demonstrating an equiment made by Industrial Sonomechanics that though you can not dissolve lipids in water, you can coat them in a surfactant which will make them compatible with water. 

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The Miami-based firm creates a device which sends sound waves through cannabis oil – which is almost a solid at room temperature – in order to move apart the molecules and mix them with other ingredients that are more slippery and lighter. 

When it is added to water, microscopic droplets of the resulting mixture do not sink at the bottom, instead they can stay suspended. 

Steph Tripp from Stillwater Ingredients, an organization which recently rebranded itself as Caliper commercial ingredients said they have solved the mystery for cannabis infused beverages and feel very confident about it. 

Caliper produces batches of the mixture on a manufacturing scale that allows hemp-derived CBD to be suspended in fresh beverages that are increasingly appearing in gyms and health food shops. 

After the federal government removed hemp-derived cannabinoid from its list of Controlled substances, the compound and other products related to it are legal to sell. 

Many people have reported medical benefits of using CBD saying the compound has helped them deal with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, depression, and many other ailments. 

Co-founder of Gaurdian Athletic Josh Gouldman, said CBD is really calming and helpful in dealing with acute pains. Gaurdian is a brand which markets a CBD infused sports drink that aims to provide atheletes a healthy way to keep themselves hyrdates, with a dash of benefits from CBD. 

Without THC or tetra hydro cannabinoids, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, Gaurdian’s drinks can be sold in more places. The organization intends to engage with health-conscious consumers who are inclined towards cannabis for improved health and wellness than a way to get high.

The FDA is yet to set regulatory framework for cannabis infused dietary supplements. Despite the laws prohibiting marketing of CBD products with medical claims, many companies continue to do so. recently , the FDA sent out warning letters to firms that weren’t complying with their policies. One of the most eminent brand to receive a warning letter was Curaleaf

The regulatory framework will be set up soon, but until then, the companies as well as the consumers remain in a grey area. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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