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Block the date 16th October for the Cannabis career fair at the Oakton community college




Cannabis career fair at the Oakton community college

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The Oakton community college is soon going to host a Cannabis career fair on the 16th of October. The scheduled career fair will happen on the said date between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm. The fair will take place in the luxuriant Des Plaines campus of the community college. Cannabis business association of Illinois is the chief sponsorers of the career fair. 

We have usually seen different fairs that provide job opportunities to people in different sectors. But here as the name suggests, the fair will concentrate on placing people in the CBD sector. 

There is no denying that CBD is becoming one of the most popular industries. Its benefits have truly outweighed the assumed flaws which have made people sit up and take note. CBD is a hemp-extracted plant, but it can also be extracted from Marijuana. It helps in reducing inflammation and also has several medicinal advantages. Unlike Marijuana, the psychoactive compound called Tetra is very less in CBD. The law allows for a permissible limit of 0.3% THC, else it will be considered under banned substances. 

Last year in the USA, the farm bill was passed and it relieved hemp plant from the list of controlled substances.  Immediately after this announcement was made, many cultivators sprang up in action and wanted to tap the opportunities. Several tests were also conducted where these hemp plants were taken as samples and were approved also.

Many companies and celebrities came forward and supported CBD in a big way. They are also coming with their line of wellness products and have ensured that the THC levels in it are controlled. Many new opportunities are showing up which is why the association have invited CBD biggies to take students. The scheduled list of companies includes include Cresco Labs, EarthMed, Grassroots, Green Thumb Industries, Justice Grown Illinois, MedMen, PharmaCann, Revolution Cannabis and Zen Leaf St. Charles.

The Vice President of the Oakton Academic affairs Ielo Lott mentions that this move was indeed required because it will open the doors to a new market where people can seek jobs. CBD has now become a potential industry of good companies showing their worth, and jobs in such industries will give people the growth that they need. 

CBD and its research is a lot to be desired. Up to now, some research has been done, but they have been conducted on rodents. Human-based research is still on the cards but CBD has worked on many, so the chances of non-supportive data seem a bit distant. It is the lack of proper research material availability that people are confused about whether they should be taking it or not.

Another thing that adds to the confusion is the lack of regulation from the government. Even within the US, every state has a different law and people who commute between states are not well-versed with crisp and clear laws. Laws that govern CBD use between countries also have led to a lot of people getting arrested or questioned. People who are currently spearheading the industry advise such people not to carry CBD oil or any product containing CBD when in doubt.

Despite all this, there is no denying that CBD indeed has touched many lives. Recently the UK and the USA had approved the usage of Epidiolex which is a CBD infused drug meant for patients suffering from a typical form of epilepsy. The users swear by it and have mentioned that seizures have increased from many to almost zero per day. Arthritis association in the USA also has decided to pour in more money in CBD research because of the difference it has made to people’s life. Joint pains have reduced and people can lead normal lives.

Clinical depression and post-traumatic patients which include common people and celebrities have taken CBD oil for their condition. They have recommended the product because they have never felt happier and lighter. People with cancer also have benefitted with easing in pain and conditions. It does not wipe out cancer but increases the ability to take in the disease. CBD has proven to be omnipresent in the health and wellness industry. 

It is expected to go big in a few years because many countries are making it legal. Competition is becoming tough in this sector because people are now grabbing opportunities to make big bucks. For students of the college and others who are looking forward to participating in the fair, this is going to be a good career option. The event will take place in 1600 E. Golf Road, in Rooms 1604-1610. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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