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Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis Advocates Worry Over State’s Vaping Devices Limits

Advocates of cannabis use are wary about the decision of state lawmakers to limit the locations where users can use e-cigarettes to fight the rising use by teens of vaping devices that contain nicotine.

A bipartisan bill will have its first hearing on Wednesday. It aims to include e-cigarettes and other vaping apparatuses to the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act that prohibits the use of tobacco in offices and public spaces.

Electronic cigarettes apply heat to a nicotine solution. Then, the user inhales the vapor produced.

Medical cannabis advocates say that expanding the law may have unintentional effects on patients who use vaping devices. For instance, the ban may include apartments and may restrict these people on vaping their prescription cannabis.

In some states like Vermont, they already levy taxes on electronic cigarettes to stop teenagers from vaping.

Health officials in the US now consider the growth of teens using these devices an epidemic. In a recent study by the Colorado government, it discovered that 27% of minors use e-cigarettes and other vaping devices regularly.

The inclusion of electronic smoking devices in the Colorado law will ban their use in designated smoking areas in hotels, retirement homes, assisted living facilities, and public housing, as well as in workplaces and other open spaces.

Also, the law will ban using these devices within 25 feet of entrances. At present, the distance is only 15 feet.

According to the sponsors of this law, they want to make vaping burdensome for adults to encourage teens to limit their consumption. A study suggests that teens who vape nicotine can result in a lifetime of tobacco use.

Democratic Representative Dafna Michaelson Jenet said that they want to stop vaping and e-cigarettes as an anecdotal experience for teenagers. Smoking in restaurants, in the airport, and anywhere public present a subliminal message to teenagers that using vaping devices is safe.

Federal law bans the sale of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes to minors, but their tobacco use has risen.

Cannabis activists push for the substance’s exemption from the list of vaping materials that will be in the Colorado bill. They point out that such an action is discrimination against medical cannabis users who use the element for their PTSD, chronic pain, and other conditions.

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The draft, on the other hand, includes nicotine or other substances for human consumption.

According to Cindy Sovine, a lobbyist for cannabis groups, the Colorado bill wants medical marijuana patients who vape to pound sand. The updated language used in it will make it arduous for medical cannabis users to comply.

She hopes that cannabis vaping can be exempt from the bill.

According to MichaelsonJenet, the lawmakers are analyzing the concerns. They are deliberating on exemptions for cigar casinos and bars, as well as other enterprises. They aren’t changing the law under which property owners can decide to allow smoking in their apartments or to assign areas for it.

Colorado already bans public pot consumption. It is now trying to limit the use of vaping devices to arrest the issue of minors using them regularly.



Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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