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Cancer Patient suffers as his house gets ransacked by police for Cannabis oil import

Cancer Patient suffers

A man suffering from Stage 4 cancer was recently jolted when the police ransacked his house to confiscate Cannabis oil in Central Israel on Monday. The 66 year old is suffering from colorectal cancer and had used extractions of CBD to relieve him from his pain as a result of his treatment sessions. 

The region where he lived is suffering from a huge shortage of CBD and he had to import Cannabis oil in order to take his dosage and end his suffering. The medical cannabis taken by him had some amazing effect on him, which made him sleep in the night and discover his appetite yet again.

CBD unlike marijuana has been successful in making impacts in the life of people. While the latter is associated with addiction and side-effects like hallucinations, CBD is believed to have several medicinal benefits

Many research studies have been initiated to this effect and there have also been claims supporting it. CBD is nothing but a compound derived from the Hemp plant that is bereft of any anti-inflammatory elements. Marijuana is considered a far more serious drug that has psychoactive compounds to take you on the high ride. CBD spares you from such repercussions because the THC level in CBD is measly. 

CBD also is in the limelight for being the cure of several life taking diseases like seizures, panic attacks, depression, Alzheimer’s and even cancer! The 66 year old also found a lot of relief after taking Cannabis and this was primarily the reason why he did not want to stop using it. He had also started putting on weight and was able to walk again. The incessant sessions of chemo had started taking a toll on his health but with Cannabis by his side, everything looked brighter. The patient has a valid medical license to avail cannabis. 

There is a constant struggle to procure CBD from the country because the stock keeps running out. The family was struggling with the fact that they had run out of the medicine. They contacted every pharmacy in town to obtain any last trace of it, but with zilch success. The leftover cannabis that they possessed was kept for a rainy day and its usage was kept to the least. But as the supply was depleting, the frustration in the family was apparent. 

The daughter of the patient was very emotional when she mentioned that their family was very ordinary and had always avoided cops in their life. The family is still reeling under the shock of cops knocking at their doors to search for the medicine. 

Despite suffering from such a medical condition, the cops did not show even the slightest level of sensitivity. They treated the patient like a criminal and took his supplies. The father is now left with no medicine to end his sufferings. The family claims that the police attitude towards the entire thing was non-sensitive. Despite knowing the father’s condition they confiscated the supply. 

The family is in a state of shock and grief considering how the police plundered their way through despite knowing that the patient was suffering from a life-taking disease. The Israeli authorities also commented that they were instructed to conduct a search in the house following a court order of suspected import of drugs.

According to the Police, CBD is a classified case of dangerous drug and any usage or import of the same is required to be done so on a special basis. The law of the country states that any such procurement of drug from a foreign country requires special permission from the Ministry of health. In this case, the permit was not there hence the exclusion became necessary. 

The Police are aware of the man’s condition and only wishes him well and a speedy recovery. What they did was within the boundaries of the law and expects others to pay heed to what law requires them to do. 

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CBD is found in Cannabinoid which is a part of the cannabis plant. There are many researches going on to prove the mettle of CBD in the medicine industry. CBD is free from hyper active elements and is known to be the magical cure of many diseases.  

CBD has now become very popular and people are researching more on it to confirm its claims. The CBD industry also shows no sign of slowing the growth rate. Popularity of CBD sure is skyrocketing and with further research, this is bound to increase even more. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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