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Canadians face the threat of a Lifetime ban from entering the US with CBD oil

Canadians face the threat of Life

If you are from Canada visiting the USA, then you have the brightest chance of being banned for a lifetime for consuming Cannabis. A woman of Canadian origin is facing the threat of a lifetime ban from entering the USA because she was found using and carrying Cannabidiol or CBD oil. The oil is considered to have psychoactive ingredients and was prescribed to her for her persistent pain and to reduce side-effects of scoliosis. 

To go further it is better to get some background about CBD and its effects. Marijuana users have faced a lot of dishonour and stigma in society purely because of its addiction disasters. CBD is considered to make one feel better if not high. 

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant which does not have any psychoactive ingredients depending on which CBD product one is using. Many research studies have claimed the veracity of CBD and its effectiveness in treating seizures, stress, depression, incessant pains, and even cancer. CBD has won people over for its miracle treatment for insomnia, recovery after accidents, epilepsy, swelling and Alzheimer’s. Compared to marijuana which has in abundance the THC substance, CBD only contains 0.3% of its which has no mind-altering impact. 

Cannabis has been deemed legal across medical lines in many states, yet the border regulations seem very strict and come under schedule I list of DEA. The acts and laws governing within the country are self-conflicting because on one hand, schedule I have strict norms whereas, under the Hemp Farming act 2018, hemp’s classification as a Schedule I drug has been removed. 

Canada has different regulations concerning Hemp and CBD. Hemp is considered legal there but CBD and THC are strictly regulated and come under the umbrella of Cannabis act. This act mentions that Cannabinoid products like CBD oil must not be taken out of the country. 

The lady in question has filed a re-entry application that was unaware that she cannot transport the oil with her. When the check discovered the oil, she was fined $500 and was also denied access to enter the soil of the country. The woman was flabbergasted when she was taken aside and questioned. She was completely unaware and believed that entry with CBD oil to Washington must not be a problem. 

She also felt that she wasn’t treated with respect considering the authorities might be encountering several such cases in their reach. If she has to renew her permission to allow her to visit here, she has applied for a waiver which will cost her $600. She also expressed her disgust and surprise with the reaction to a product that is increasing in popularity. The officers who were investigating her also asked if she had ‘leafy greens’ that is one form of marijuana. The lady expressed her surprise because she was not into recreational drugs. Her need for CBD oil was for her condition. 

Now the Canadians face the risk of facing lifetime ban even if in their admittance they might have mentioned consuming cannabis. A lot of medical experts and researchers have vouched for the product after some preliminary tests on rodents. 

The test results were positive yet the complete benefits are yet to come out. Apart from the benefits, CBD also is considered to have several side-effects like liver damages, stomach disorders, pains in joints etc. In the case of the lady who was called aside, she is sure that CBD oil that she used was not psychoactive. 

The country is currently ensnared in the benefits and risks of CBD. Every state has a different rule which the federal government cannot question. It is due to this perplexity and mystification encircling CBD, that there is no strict regulation. Today CBD is in many products that we use and there is absolutely no information about the quantity of the ingredient used. 

The US FDA has to come out with stricter norms concerning the issue because CBD has proven to contain many benefits. The CBD industry is booming and it is now time that the government sits up and takes note of the scattered market. It now needs to issue structured policies and rules that will be applied in all the states. 

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Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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