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Bella Thorne is backing CBD and is soon to launch CBD products under the brand “Forbidden flower”

Bella Thorne is backing CBD

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Bella Thorne is a known name in the industry. Apart from being the quintessential Disney actress Bella had also taken the plunge in several businesses. Her company is called Hybrid Filthy Fangs which earlier dealt with cosmetics and records now has partnered with an American Cannabis producer Glass House Group for their new line of CBD products. 

CBD gets its identity from the Indian hemp plant. The hemp plant and marijuana are both produced from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is different from Marijuana because it has less than 0.3% of THC in it. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which are the reason why many industries now have resorted to using CBD in their products. Marijuana usage has been banned in many countries because of its intoxicating effect. It also results in addiction when taken on a regular scale.

Bella Thorne to credits her improvement in anxiety levels to CBD. She has been suffering from anxiety for a long time now and as found the substance as the biggest hope and healer. She finds the usage of weed better than the prescription drugs that the doctors have prescribed for her. 

Their partnership brand Forbidden Flowers follows the highest standards of environmental safety. All organic contents have been put to use here and they have also concentrated on the presentation of the product. They are packaging the products in attractive jars that contain 3.5 gm of flower, 5 packs of pre-rolls and single pre-rolls also. 

The CEO of the Glass House group Groovy Singh mentions that Thorne has not just lent her name to the project but also has been heavily involved in it as an advocate of the product. To speak passionately about any product one person must go through it and with Thorne, this has been the case.

Her experience with anxiety has made her a strong brand ambassador of CBD and Cannabis. CBD also is extremely effective in handling different ailments and cases on would not even think of. Recently the government had legalised the use of Epidiolex which a drug for severe epilepsy. 

It has CBD ingredients in it which has helped patients recover and not suffer from seizures. Like Thorne, several patients have also benefitted from depression and anxiety symptoms. Physical health can be recovered but sturdy mental health is required for a person to go ahead with life.

Cancer, injuries, Arthritis patients have felt blessed because of the way they are recovering due to CBD oil. People can live normal lives because they were able to get the right CBD product at the right time. 

The company is delighted to be associated with her. According to company officials, she brings a separate level of zest and energy to the table. Her creative angles and insights have been truly impressive and have given the brand a separate identity altogether. 

The product presentation, the way it is been promoted to people and everything associated with it has been captivating, to say the least. In a way, it defines her carefree spirit and sensuality which is required for the product. According to the company, the outcome has been extremely satisfying and they are waiting for it to hit the market. 

The brand will launch soon on Instagram page following which the first retail point on its availability will be announced soon. The team also has decided to first keep it exclusively for California then will go outwards.

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The brand has kept in mind the elements of earth with eco-friendly options used. They have kept in mind the long-run well-being of the product line and want it to stay in people’s home forever. Every little ingredient used in the product has been hand-picked by Bella herself. Her name getting associated with a brand also implies that she has a set of responsibility attached to it. 

She does not want to leave any loopholes in the product that is why her involvement is so deep right from the ideation to the final product creation. She believes that the product will benefit everyone and should be rightfully brought in the limelight. Her fans and other users are waiting for the launch and are expecting a successful foray in the CBD market. 

Bella has specifically handpicked items for the brand and wants to promote the regular use of cannabis to people. She also wants to put across the message that using it in regular life will not hamper their progress but will promote it further. She also believes that consumers have to take care that the THC does not go beyond 0.3% and that comes from responsible manufacturing and retailing.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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