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Wadsworth city goes a step ahead and bans hemp and CBD oil

Wadsworth city goes a step ahead and bans hemp and CBD oil

Wadsworth city is on a new mission and that is to provide a drug-free community to all inhabitants. The Wadsworth City, the school district is looking at banning all hemp and hemp-related products that also include CBD oil. Currently, the Superintendent Andy hill is battling with a lot of contrasting things to be dealt with. To deal with laws relating to hemp and hemp products is overwhelming and challenging. Andy also mentioned that there is still a lot on the plate to be tackled and monitored. 

The school board on Monday updated its list of controlled substances. It included hemp, CBD oil, marijuana and other products that derive from it. The school board also has recorded that the term tobacco or any product that has tobacco, nicotine and E-cigarettes will be included in the banned substances list. 

The ban was much required and was triggered after the Governor of Ohio Mike DeWine has legally allowed for the buying and selling of hemp and CBD infused products. The school board realizes that the products might be legal in the Ohio state, but as a school, they have decided to ask their students to refrain its use especially in the campus. The campus authorities have exclaimed that they have decided to ban all products because it will be difficult for them to test the source of THC.

Off late, the CBD industry has taken the nation by storm. The versatile substance is found everywhere right from edibles to medicines to the regular skin lotions you use. It is anti-inflammatory and derived from the Indian hemp plant.  Marijuana also comes from the same family but has higher THC compounds compared to CBD which stands at 0.3% levels. CBD intake also does not alter the mind; neither does it give a sense of euphoria. Marijuana addiction can produce such effects. 

Bill Samaco who is the business owner of Awesome Sauce vapour also supports the new policy and believes it to be a good move. School students who have not yet reached their major age should not be given the free hand to use such products according to him. He also mentions that he does not believe in going against the doctor’s prescription if the doctor has recommended the product. 

A lot of people are benefitting heavily from CBD oil and drugs containing CBD. Severe cases of epilepsy and seizures have been cured thanks to the medicinal properties of CBD. Despite being compared to marijuana, the popularity of CBD has soared to greater heights. People who suffer from joint pains, injury pains and muscle soreness have immensely benefitted from it. Terminal illness like cancer and Alzheimer’s also has seen the easing of symptoms and suffering of patients. Depression and anxiety-related stress and insomnia are also touted to be treated by CBD. 

Samaco has welcomed the decision of the school but also does not want them to go against what the doctor gives them. Mostly, CBD products that are given are due to health-related issues. If the problem relates to health, then concessions should be given and rules should be exempted. 

Samaco highlighted his case where he mentioned that he is was suffering from epilepsy and constant seizures. He used to take CBD infused drug and got rid of the seizures to lead a normal existence. But, the moment he stopped taking the medications, his seizures came back. CBD has been a miracle for him. Thanks to it, he was seizure-free for almost a year which is a huge thing. 

The superintendent Andy has categorically mentioned that if there are people who are challenging the ban on medical grounds some subsidies can be made. They just want to ensure that it is not used for the wrong things. 

The team is willing to have an open discussion to make a holistic policy that suits all. Before making any recommendation and taking a final call on the policy, the board also will put in some research efforts so that they understand the ramifications of the decision. 

People are often blinded by lack of information on a said product. They tend to make judgments with little information they have. CBD also is facing the same, with a lot of misinformation being spread out about it. Some people are also comparing it to marijuana because CBD can also be extracted from Marijuana. Yet CBD with little THC does not harm. With more and more research underway, CBD is expected to get the clarity which will clear the ambiguity in the air soon.

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Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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