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Aqualitas, Canada Based Cannabis Company Enters the European Union and global market


As per the latest story covered by healtheuropa, Aqualitas, a Canadian based cannabis company, recently stepped into the European Union’s cannabis marketplace. With the widening cannabis market at a global level, companies have started expanding overseas, driving consumers from all around the world. From its home in the province of Nova Scotia, Aqualitas made its first international shipment of dry cannabis flower to Poland for product development.

The organization has also signed a three-year supply contract with one of the largest licensed medical cannabis distributors of Germany. The contract would help expand the outreach of Aqualitas and increase sales in the European Union and the United Kingdom. It is anticipated that by the end of 2019, Aqualitas will be exporting its first certified organic cannabis oil to the Australian medical market as well.

Aqualitas has a unique background with an evolving story, just like the rapidly changing international cannabis landscape. About five years ago, a group of individuals concerned about the challenges Canadians were facing when trying to access medical marijuana, gathered to discuss about how they could bring a changed in the consumer market or at least for those who are seeking medical help.

This group entailed people from different backgrounds and expertise including scientists, marketers, sales executives, law enforcement officials, security officials, and project management executives. The outcome of the discussion led to the creation of Aqualitas. Derived from the Latin roots for water and quality, Aqualitas aligns with the vital aspects of the company and its processes, products and commitments to their clients.

The founders of Aqualitas created the fundamental values for the brand and started their journey to get an access in the medical cannabis industry. They began an application under the stringent Health Canada licensing process in order to obtain a cultivation, processing and sales license. The brand came up to be different from other Canadian cannabis companies with their core values at priority.

The organization promotes wellness and a healthy lifestyle for their customers as well as employees. They tend to go the extra mile and provide valuable services to customers, along with maintaining a cost-effective budget that is affordable for consumers. Aqualitas is also a big believer in delivering quality performance and safe products consistently to the consumers ensuring a health environment that is regulated properly.

The organization’s founders ensured that they use innovative ideas through in-depth research and development. Knowing the company wanted to go an unconventional track with an ultimate motto of good customer experience and quality products, Aqualitas built a team of scientists from across several verticals to work to develop a unique cultivation system that would consistently produce premium quality products while maintaining its environmental footprint to a minimum.

Aqualitas acknowledged the second wave of cannabis offerings that were raised post full legalization of cannabis and its derivative products. In a cutting-edge industry such as the pharmaceuticals, Aqualitas is distinguishing itself as a company that focuses on wellness, recreational products that focus on quality, consistent production with cost effective budget and cultivar characteristics of origin and traceability.

Aqualitas is also assisted by a medical patient advisory board with diverse representations in research, patient advocacy and health care, as well as patients who use medical marijuana in the management for an array of ailments that cannabis is recommended for. The organization benefits from the powerful relationship it shared with Springboard Atlantic, which represents 19 member universities in the Atlantic Canada.

It has established deep rooted, strong collaborative research partnerships with two of Springboard’s members, Dalhousie (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and Acadia (Wolfville, Nova Scotia) universities, to build a method of producing organic cannabis with minimal environment damage, and to develop sustainable products.

The Canadian federal and provincial levels of government including the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program (SR&ED), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC-IRAP), Innovacorp, the Bio enterprise Canada, and Nova Scotia Business Inc. have provided research funding for these projects.

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Aqualitas aims at producing medical products using the highest GMP standards for pharmaceutical-quality systems, premises, equipment, personnel, production and documentation. They want to create a sustainable, safe and regulated market for medical cannabis that is easily accessible to anyone who wants to seek medical help from cannabis.

Its quality assurance, testing and production teams have extensive backgrounds in quality control and GMP, and each production worker in the company receives a full-fledged hands-on and technical training to meet GMP standards and practices.

Aqualitas’ facility, procedures and personnel have been inspected by its distribution and pharmaceutical partners and its pre-audits for certification have been satisfactorily completed. All final certifications will be in proper place once the company begins its participation in pharmaceutical and medical trials.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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