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The Cannabis Radar: Learn About Our Company & Team

If you’re looking for all of the latest updates on cannabis products and legalized marijuana in the news, then you’ve come to the right place. Cannabis Radar is an online editorial destination for news, trends, stories, events about CBD oil at large.

So, whether you need information on production details, investment, and business opportunities, best practices concerning the CBD industry – anyone can insights from our site.Made for the CBD way of life, we get you all the news that you need to know how it happens, as it happens.

Cannabis Radar is the most trusted source of the CBD news since it was created on 2018 April 24th. We believe that it’s our team that makes and drives us. Our editorial staff, writers, news generators have been working in this and other fields for years now. They bring with them decades of experience they build while engaged in their previous lines of work.

We’re not just ANY news site!

Cannabis Radar is composed of experts, specialists, and experienced cannabis advocates. It’s our guarantee that every time you visit our website you will find information that’s transparent, detailed, on a number of brands, products, news, etc. Everything that is posted on this website is accurate, genuine and updated regularly.

We receive about 10,000 visitors each day and are the right resource on all CBD product reviews, news, launches, DIY guides, legality status. We also aim at developing this website continuously to make it user-friendly, for a better experience for you.

Here’s Our Team 

We handpicked with all of our contributors based on what they know about CBD> all content made by these Hemp and cannabis experts is unbiased, correct and assessed for medical authenticity.

Dmitri Boudovitch
BA in English/Business Administration, MBA in Business Administration from USA , Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from Concordia University, Montreal over 10 year experience in business consulting in the areas of strategic business planning, regulatory affairs, manufacturing, inventory management, and supply chain Worked on consulting projects with start-ups and established companies from a diverse spectrum of industries including nutraceutical companies over 10 year experience in international trade of various commodities successfully closing large contracts with clients in Europe, Americas, and Asia. Founded a charitable orga
Daniel Perry

Dan Perry is a member of Litigation & Arbitration Group. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1996. Mr. Perry received his law degree cum laude from Cornell Law School in 1999. He is the Editor-Consultant here at The Cannabis Radar


Amanda Chicago Lewis reports and write stories about cannabis as it relates to the policy, politics, science, economics, culture, race, public safety, and criminal justice.


Allison Banks was the Franchise Director at Health Franchising, where she used to lead all aspects involved in the franchising of Discover CBD retail stores. Also functioning as Field Consultant she directly assisted franchisees and store managers to help develop and implement the hemp-based CBD store concepts at their own locations.

James Wilson

How we earn through Cannabis Radar

This site is dedicated to promoting content that’s of the best quality, reviews posted out here is the honest opinions of our reads, and us. They are of course made possible by our esteemed sponsors through their advertisements placed throughout the site. These also connect to affiliate links to our partner sites. All products reviewed or talked about here aren’t just for promotions, but things that have tested our used ourselves.

We earn through all purchases made via these affiliate links in the form of commissions on each sale, without any extra cost to you. That’s how we run Cannabis Radar, support our team and run the site using SSL certificates, domain, hosting from top-notch providers – this is what keeps all your information safe.

For a full list of the legal and privacy details, earnings disclaimers, medical disclaimers please read our Privacy Policy.