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Pharmacists in Birmingham unable to sell CBD oil yet, Health Department says CBD is still a Controlled Substance

CBD oil in Pharmacy

According to Ashley Knight from waff, Chris Henslee, a Pharmacist in Birmingham, Alabama showed concerns over how people were using CBD oil alongside their regular medications would affect their health without consulting a doctor.


Though it is legal to sell CBD oil in the state of Alabama now, pharmacists are still not allowed to sell the compound as per the regulations of the Alabama Department of Public Health since they have not taken off CBD from their list of Controlled Substances.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has still not announced any legal statements regarding how companies and health agencies can regulate the use of CBD oil or whether it is even safe to do so. Despite this, many startups, companies, and retailers are selling CBD infused food and drinks which are unregulated. This puts the consumers at risk since there is no organized research which says otherwise.


Henslee says that it is extremely important to know what product one is buying and how it will affect them in the longer run. He also explained how teenagers are drawn towards the compound and have no idea about how it will react with their body.


“There’s not many with the CBD products but there are some crucial ones with blood thinners, some anti-platelet drugs,” says Henslee.


He says that it is becoming difficult for him to see his counterparts helping people who come in and say that they have been suffering from depression and have aided from the CBD oil they recently bought. Henslee says that CBD oil could actually prove to be an alternative medication that would replace numerous pills and capsules at once. According to him, some people are even over-medicated, which means CBD could be used to get them off of so many drugs.

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However, the FDA is yet to announce its stance on May 31 when it will hold a public meeting that will discuss the CBD oil at length. Scott Gottlieb, the Commissioner of FDA says it could take quite some time before the agency fully legalizes the use of CBD oil in food and drinks.


Till then, companies and individual retailers continue to sell CBD infused products to consumers. CBD can be found in a bunch of products ranging from health and wellness to beauty and lifestyle. Whether it is CBD infused gummy bears, chocolate bars, popcorn, coffee, beer, burgers, salads or lotions, creams, tinctures, oils, pills, CBD can be found almost everywhere!


The FDA issued warning letters jointly with the FTC to 3 different companies who marketed their CBD based products as a cure to cancer. Currently, the agency allows CBD only in a drug which is known to cure epileptic disorders, other than that, it still holds a firm ground on including CBD in medical drugs or any edible forms.


Several lawmakers also show concern about how CBD infused gummy bears or chocolate bars could be lucrative products for the young and how it could impact them. They urge to set up rules for marketing CBD products in a rightful manner, which does not lure in the younger generation in any manner and is used purposefully for medicinal treatments only.


The market space for CBD has expanded tremendously over the last few months, especially after the federal law legalized CBD and removed it from the list of Controlled Substances. Many cases have been registered where patients revealed that CBD has benefited them more than any other medicinal pills or substance they took.


CBD is known to treat joint pains, arthritis, muscle cramps, inflammation, tenderness and also render strength. It is being used by many celebs on the red carpet in the form of a numbing cream that can make them stand and walk for hours on the carpet without flinching. From Kim Kardashian West throwing a baby shower based on a CBD theme to sports teams launching their own CBD products, it is now reaching every industry.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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