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18-Year-Old Gets Arrested For Illegal Possession of Marijuana – Tries To Cry Foul By Asserting The Package As A Legal CBD Product


A young adult gets taken to police custody for smoking marijuana cigarettes and trying to befuddle police by suggesting it’s CBD

An 18-year-old man was taken into custody on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. after local police found him guilty of carrying marijuana. As per police report, his vehicle was inspected by the police on County Road 1050 North in Elgin Street. The officers became alert on smelling burnt marijuana in his vehicle and identifying its cause to be a burnt cigarette.

Duvall and his friends insisted that they were carrying a CBD product named Hampi which was legally purchased from a gas station. He also added in his defence that the product carried a small amount of THC. Although the package was indeed identified as CBD flower which has now become legal in all the 50 states, the officer added that he had found marijuana inside after flipping it over.

Upon examination it was revealed that the package contained marijuana which led to the arrest of Duval on charges of illegal marijuana possession.

What Is CBD

Hemp flower derived from the cannabis plant looks and smells just like Marijuana in spite of having a low THC content. Jahan Marcu, a cannabis researcher and co-founder of the International Research Center on Cannabis and Mental Health had earlier pointed out that, “Hemp flower and cannabis flower are essentially the same thing,” before adding that, “They come from the same part of the same plant. The only difference is the ratio or amount of the active ingredients.”

How Is It Used

CBD flower can either be vaped, smoked or used in making products like tea bags or jams. Herman Barclay, the co-owner of Indy CBD Plus in Indianapolis had pointed out that, “Different delivery methods give different results. Vaping or smoking the product gets it into the lungs faster than anything else…and there’s zero waste.”

He also added that CBD is used to deal with, “stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia,”. What CBD does is, it goes after the CB2 receptors in your body. This gives you a warm blanket feeling and a calming feeling over the body.” However, due to the low THC amount the consumer doesn’t get a high.

Concerns of the Police Department

Jeff Rasche, the police chief for the Greenfield Police Department had voiced concerns over this issue saying that, “There is a product being sold…that could very well jam up an unknowing citizen if they were using their product and possibly cause them to be arrested.” The main reason behind this is that CBD flowers are bound to come off as positive in the police field tests for containing marijuana.

Can it brew trouble for its users

According to Julie Chambers, former Marion County deputy prosecutor, “If it smells like and resembles marijuana, a cop will have a very hard time differentiating between the two. If they find what they believe to be marijuana, they have probable cause to arrest, which could lead to you going to jail.”

She also added that, “It’s not necessarily cause to sue the police because based on their training experience, they had probable cause to arrest you and in most cases, they’re immune from civil liability.” Your name will appear on the arrest record even after the charges are dropped and it might take about an entire year to get it removed.

A Look AT CBD Suppliers

Stevi Dugan, the co-owner of Mr. Lee’s CBD in Indianapolis holds the view that, “CBD oil could test positive in a field test for cannabinoids, but it wouldn’t hold up in court.” She also spoke about her company’s policy of informing customers well in advance about the potential run-in they can face with federal agents.

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Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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